Retrieve WebSphere Commerce Merchant Key

Retrieve WebSphere Commerce Merchant Key

I recently was working on a client project in WebSphere Commerce, specifically within the payment framework and needed to update some data within the PPCEXTDATA table. As I needed to encrypt the data specific to the WebSphere Commerce instance, I needed to discover the plain text merchant key to encrypt the data so it could be read and decrypted properly.

To retrieve the merchant key, I created the following JSP, that allows discovery and retrieval of both the encrypted and plain text merchant key. I then just copied this into my Stores project, and accessed the JSP from a browser.

<%@ page import="" %>

<p>Encrypted Merchant Key: <"Instance/MerchantKey")%></p>

<p>Decrypted (Plain Text) Merchant Key: <%=nc_crypt.decrypt("Instance/MerchantKey"), null)%></p>

Author: daharveyjr

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