Why I Love CodeIgniter

Why I Love CodeIgniter

I have looked at and used a lot of different PHP frameworks over the years for work and freelance projects, ranging from CakePHP to Zend, but I never truly enjoyed working within any of them until I discovered CodeIgniter. I have been using CodeIgniter since its early versions, and have seen the framework grow and progress, and I still enjoying using it as much as when I discovered it.

The biggest pro for me with CodeIgniter comes to its simplicity. Its is a framework that features a small footprint (literally), and has crazy awesome performance. I truly like how easy it is to configure and the way that it is laid out structurally. It is incredibly easy to develop within, and you aren’t limited by what the framework can and can’t do as it allows you to completely customize the way in which you decide to work with it. I can truly spend more time worrying about the actual logic of my application rather than worrying about framework development to support my custom logic. In fact the goal of CodeIgniter is stated here:

Its goal is to enable you to develop projects much faster than you could if you were writing code from scratch, by providing a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks, as well as a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. CodeIgniter lets you creatively focus on your project by minimizing the amount of code needed for a given task.

You’ll find various posts, projects and web sites that I’ve implemented based in and around CodeIgniter throughout this web site. If you have any questions, I encourage you to comment, or contact me directly. I’d love to help in ways that I can.

To those that haven’t experienced, or played with CI, I encourage you to check it out at CodeIgniter.com. You can also find the user guide, and complete documentation of the framework here.

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